Dealing with anxiety
Anxiety is a natural response to feeling threatened in some way. If you’re worrying about something that’s about to happen or you think might happen in the future, it’s normal to feel worried or scared, or even to experience physical symptoms. Most people feel anxious at times, particularly when dealing with stressful life events. But […]
Counselling in later life
You’re never too old to benefit from counselling. Working as a counsellor in a care home for the elderly brought home to me that however old you are, you’re capable of change. Generalisations are not always helpful, but it’s fair to say that later life brings its own unique challenges. You’re more likely to be […]
Why do I keep avoiding problems?
Avoidance can be a way of coping with a stressful situation or issue, or with something or someone we perceive as a threat. It’s common to avoid problems and issues to some extent, but if you repeatedly avoid things that really need dealing with, it’s worth looking at why this is happening. You might be […]
Why am I feeling so stuck?
Are you overwhelmed by feelings of frustration and “stuckness”? You may literally be stuck in the same old routine, day in day out, week in week out. It may not even be your choice of routine, but a life that feels dictated by the demands of children, elderly parents, work, your partner, or ill health. […]

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